Monday, November 3, 2014

More Deco Darlings

Last year, I spent a grand weekend with friends aboard the Queen Mary for the Art Deco Festival.
I didn't make it back this time around, but my friend Laura had taken some great photos.
Here's an extra shot of the 1935 striped organdy dress that we'd forgotten about. There are also a few cute shots of us from this year's Spirit Of '45 event, at Kelly Park in San Jose.

On the Queen Mary, in airy striped organdy.

A close up of the sash belt I had to make from some ivory organdy, since the original was missing (and a close up of the manicure ;-)

 The shoes, and the fabulous flounce of the hemline. Yes, I love this dress.

Quick, before the ice cream melts! With Laura Erlich

Peppermint chocolate chip and pretty automobiles, yum!


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