Monday, September 29, 2014

The Gatsby Afternoon Picnic 2014

Finally getting around to posting photos from the Gatsby Picnic a couple of weeks ago, but first...

I also returned from my hometown of Seattle last night, where I was honored to perform in the annual Steamposium convention. It ended up being a sort of unintended Seattle Burlesque reunion for us, and we had Seattle's best all on one stage; yours truly Vienna La Rouge, The Shanghai Pearl, Waxie Moon, Evilyn Sin Claire, Iva Handfull, Inga Ingenue and more. We had a great time, the people at the venue were lovely and accommodating and we hope to do it again next year. No performance images I know of yet, but here are a few silly backstage photos...oh, and a couple of cast members from Firefly just happened to stop by!
Feathered friends; Inga Ingenue and me hamming it up:

So, on to Gatsby photos;
I wore a vintage dress in a soft seafoam color with an ivory satin chevron stripe, from around 1936-37. The hat is a sheer ivory brimmed halo style from the same time frame. Anders wore his WWII Canadian uniform, complete with the Blackwatch kilt.
My dress has a matching jacket, but it needed a cleaning, and it was way too warm that day for anything more than just dresses and light fabrics, or kilts ;) My Edwardian linen parasol came in handy!
And as always, there were so many beautiful automobiles on display:

Same as last year, Johnny just happened to pull up at the entrance to the 'Gatsby estate' in his lovely car to give us a lift to the picnic site...
With Anders

 Daniel, me and Laura enjoying the cooler hours later in the day.

Michael, Anders, me and Aaron.
 It's not a wedding, but it makes for a nice photo. Some kind gent handed me this pretty bouquet of white flowers before we took this photo

At some point the heat (and possibly that second pimms cup) caused much silliness. Here I am spoiling Aarons Deco GQ cover shot.

So many lovely cars (I apologize for blocking them with my fashion posing ;-)

The ghost of Gatsby. Sneaking to the old pool area on the estate grounds with Autumn, Katrina, Erin and Breanna.
Excuse the blurry quality of the following photos, my camera lens is on a rather well worn iPhone...

 Deco deviants!

 Ending the day with some impromptu golf and possible pineapple throw.

Mr. Mosher and an un-thrown pineapple. Good night, Gatsby. Until next year!


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pics - it looks like a fabulous event!

  2. My heavens but your dress and hat are fabulous! You are so lovely! Yay for Great Gatsby events!


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