Friday, September 19, 2014

Gathering No Moss

'Like a rolling stone' as they say, I've been busy.
Ever since returning from Dragon Con at the beginning of the month, it seems my schedule has been less than relaxing. I thought there would be a nice chunk of down time to do some post con cleanup, and start on my growing list of projects.
Alas, between work and other events such as the Gatsby picnic (which I'll make a post about here soon!), the time is slipping by faster than expected as we race toward Dickens Fair season once again.
I leave for Seattle next week to perform in the burlesque showcase at the annual "Steamposium" convention.
This visit to my hometown will be nice, and I get to see my dad, too.

Before that; however, I need to make at least one item over the next few days, to update one of the costumes I'll be performing with. The Valkyrie act will have a headdress change, from the crystal antlers to 'classical style' Valkyrie wings. The image below is one example of the concept I'm going for, but perhaps without the helmet.
I may just make them super light, and mount them on a headband base that ties under my hairdo for stability.
I'll keep the sparkly antlers, of course. They will get worked into another similar act.

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