Friday, August 1, 2014

Lagertha's Battledress: An Early Update On The Leatherwork

Earlier in the week, I began a mockup of the leather pieces that are incorporated into Lagertha's chainmaille armor. Working with a few hi-res images, some heavy cotton denim and a little luck, I set about replicating the shapes onto my not-quite-right dress form to get a general idea of placement.

Yesterday evening after a few adjustments, I traced the pieces onto a giant roll of tooling leather I'd picked up at Tandy leathers in San Bruno. Now that all the pieces are cut, I get to do the tooling designs on each one, with the exception of the back belt piece.

 I've also included the little 'V' section in the center back yoke piece.

 An example of the placement for the front pieces

After I'm finished with the tooling designs, I'll stain the leather a deep brown shade. 

I wasn't sure if this should be curved or straight along the right edge.
It's the piece that goes over what is essentially the 'side boob' and looks curved in the stills I have...

I think a little curve is correct for this, since it will pull the rest of the front into the correct shape to accommodate for a bust line.

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