Monday, July 28, 2014

Elsa Update: Part II

The Elsa cape arrived!
When I found the package sitting on my front porch after work today, I steeled myself for disappointment. I'd heard mixed reviews about the seller I'd ordered it from, and after getting burned in the past, I had some apprehension.

I opened up the package only to have my nose greeted by a strong plastic chemical smell.
Then the color got my attention; It's blue. Very blue.
Deeper than expected, but still very pretty...but will it work with my costume?

I want to scatter rhinestones on the top portion in the silver areas...

The cape was made by Angels Secret on Etsy, a cosplay costume company.

Then, after I unfurled it from yet another plastic baggy, I noticed all the tiny blue sequins scattered between the snowflake design printed in silver glitter. The epic shimmer it gave off distracted me from the deeper blue color of it next to my own gown. In the following images, it may appear more aqua, but let me assure you that it's closer to a basic blue. The slightly turquoise side, but more cool blue.
It's a super sheer woven net with a slight pattern that reminds me of vintage hat veiling, and the more I unfolded and looked at it, the more I liked it....except for the Velcro they added at the top edge. That's going away as soon as I find my seam ripper.
Overall, it's actually quite stunning and photographs well.

It's SUPER long. Excuse the sewing room mess, and I'll try to get photos of its full spread soon!

There are images and stills of Elsa's cape that appear a much deeper blue than the rest of her ensemble. Additionally, her entire outfit seems to vary in color througout the film depending on environment, lighting and her general mood. So while the quality isn't absolutely stellar, I decided that this cape will indeed work....with a little tweaking of my own.

If you remember the original shimmery aqua net fabric I had purchased for the cape I made my Disneyland version from; I found an entire bolt on sale recently and grabbed it while I could. A good decision since I've decided to layer this super sheer fabric of mine over this cape.
This not only makes it more cohesive with my gown and shirt, it adds an amazing level of icy depth to the look of the material. Even with this layer, it's so sheer that you can still get an intense sparkle from the cape underneath, and still see the shimmery snowflake design clearly.

 My shimmer net draped over the upper top of the cape I received, next to my gown on the right. it's all bundled up so you don't see the sheerness, but it's a good representation of the color effect.

With all that said, I do really like it. Before I add this top layer I'll have Anders take a few photos of me wearing it by itself, with my gown in various lighting, to see if I really need to add it.
Like Tim Gunn always says, "Make it work!"

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