Friday, May 30, 2014

Frozen Fun At Disneyland: For 24 Hours Non-stop!

Well, almost 24 hours. We tried though!
I only have a few photos so far, but more are on the way.
Disneyland not only allowed everyone to dress in costume, but Friday into Saturday was a 24 hour long event they do once a year over Memorial Day weekend. 6am Friday to 6am Saturday. We arrived sometime in the late morning, and hung on as long as possible.
So, photos!
Some of you might have seen these already on Facebook, but for those that haven't; enjoy.
I need to find or get some better shots of this version of my Elsa costume, and I ended up not having enough time or energy left to sew on the final layer of sequins and rhinestones to the bodice. However, there are some fun shots here regardless ;-)
Many thanks to Laura, Aaron and many of the Disney employees for the photos.

With Laura as Anna, taking a break... aka "Iced Tea".
Her Duffy bear is even dressed as Okin (Yoohoo, big summer blowout!)

 About to climb the North, I mean ride the Matterhorn!

A quick pose while waiting for Snow Whites Scary Adventure ride.

A wall at the Animation Academy; we just HAD to.

...and just HAD to pay Thor a visit in Tomorrowland.
When he saw us, he happily quipped, "Oh! These are friends!"

Later that, early morning, Laura went back to the hotel to sleep while Aaron, Brad and I (I shed the Elsa gown and changed into Elsa pants and t-shirt) pushed on until 5am! The above photo was taken around 12 am(?) at Disney's California Adventure, before our second wind hit.

 At Flo's, refueling

They closed DCA, at some point, it's all a blur, so we headed over to Disneyland next door to do the final stretch until 6am, after some tasty breakfast food at Flo's diner.
I must say riding the Matterhorn at 3am, in the dark, is amazingly fun and when the sleep deprivation sets in 'Dizzyland' can get a bit surreal.

 It's 4am Mouseketeers, do you know where your giant bear is?

The Mad Hatter's epic dance party was raging, and you could hear the 'oonz oonz' all night into the wee hours.
We made it to 5 am before our bodies finally said enough.

Later that afternoon, after at least 6 hours of sleep, our feet were somewhat recovered.
So Laura and I donned our 1939 Frozen inspired dresses, and tracked down Mickey (who was wearing some very smart looking pants and suspenders) for some fun photos at DCA.

 "In Summer!!"

Coffee!! Sunday was even more casual, with Laura and I in our Elsa and Anna t-shirts with appropriately inspired accessories.

Our last few minutes before the drive home; Aaron and I don't wanna leave, Brad is exhausted and oblivious, and Laura (lucky duck) got to stay another 2 days!


  1. Looks like a blast! Great photos and awesome costumes!

  2. This is awesome! I'd like to see more photos of the long gown. And I'm soo in love with the 1939 inspired dress, it's way too cool!


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