Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lagertha's Battledress: Blue Leather

Today I was able to get a lot done on the leather dress worn underneath the chainmaille tunic.
Last night I made a muslin mockup using the below pattern as a guide for the seams, omitting the bust dart and shaping the curve a little tighter. Today I got so far along that I have all my pieces cut out of the blue leather hide.

 I got rid of the built up neckline and left it a plain round neckline with a straight opening all the way down the front. I can shape this later once the dress itself is constructed. The neckline on Lagertha's leather dress can't be seen, and I have very little to go on as to any specific shape. So, I may use my imagination and find something that works for me.

'Gee, I wonder if I'll have enough leather' I said to myself in the weeks leading up to this...oh yes, there was plenty. There is a ton hiding under those folds to the right of the photo, and I already have other plans for the remaining scraps. I want to use every last bit.

I briefly pinned the back piece to my form (only on the seam allowance edges) to get an idea of how the leather behaves. it's a heavy garment weight and also intended as a super soft upholstery leather, which makes it the perfect Viking weight.

 Some of these shots might show up as *holy frack that's blue!*, but this leather is a really nice muted lapis blue.

Also, joy of joys, the correct size boot arrived yesterday! I had to exchange sizes after I received the wrong one, but it was easy. Thanks DSW!
They also happen to match the vintage brown suede pants I found on Etsy perfectly.


  1. If you do not mind my asking, where did you find the blue leather?

  2. If you do not mind my asking, where did you find the blue leather?

    1. It was a one-off (giant) hide from a local seller.


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