Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lagertha's Battledress: Bits And Pieces

After work today, I set off to find a few decorative things that I need for Lagertha's leather under-dress.

The stitching detail above the rivet studs looks like a thin silver that alternates with another stitch in a copper color. At the risk of making the hem too stiff, I may just use a super thin jewelry wire or a metallic embroidery thread in those two colors.

Looking at close up stills, I can see the hemline and at least the neck opening is decorated with a row of small, circular, flat silver nailheads (or what we call studs nowadays). It also looks as though they may vary a little in size and color, alternating between 5mm silver and 4mm brass.
While it's hard to tell if this is indeed the combo used, it's the one I've decided to go with.

Lo and behold, I found the exact same silver studs in the right size at my local Michael's craft store. These came with the stud setter (which I needed), and I used these to test on the leather.
I'll be ordering more of these in bulk and some in a weathered brass, via Etsy, for a lot less than what it would cost to buy them all from Michael's.


  1. I have awarded you the Liebster Award! Check out the details at my blog.

    1. Thank you!! I will try to get a proper post up soon, as per the rules ;-)


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