Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lagertha's Battledress: Insert Expletive Here

There's no doubt, and some of my friends will tell you, I can swear like a sailor.
I tend to refrain most of the time, especially online....but F$@&*#!!!

My intent is to get a large piece, or pre-made shirt, of chainmaille to piece apart into Lagertha's leather and maille Hauberk-like tunic. So when I thought I found a great deal (but still not cheap) on a chainmaille shirt via Ebay, I jumped on it. While I don't need battle worthy quality, I made sure to look at the size of the rings and the pattern they were linked in, to be sure this would have the same spacing as the one worn by Katherine.
This one was listed as having the 4 in 1 link pattern I needed, and each ring had an *outer* diameter of 10mm.


What I received was indeed a short sleeve Hauberk, but the rings seemed more than a bit too large. So I measured and they have an outer diameter of almost 13mm!
They are WAY too big and while I could just make it work if I were not altering it, this larger spacing is going to mess with the application and flush fit of the leather sections
Excuse me while I obsess a little.

Below is a photo I snapped of what we'll call 'the wrong maille' (above), next to a scrap of maille (bottom) made a while back by my fiance, Anders. The ring size on his is ever so slightly smaller than what Katherine wears as Lagertha, but it's still closer to the size I need. It also happens to have an outer ring diameter of 10mm, so you can see the extreme size difference:

Even if the rings aren't that much bigger than the film costume, the rings themselves are thinner and add to the spacing in between.
The new stuff is also shinier than what I wanted, too, but that is something I could have fixed with some super secret theater techniques. I can't reasonably fix the size of all the rings, so it's a moot point.
This evening I found a more trustworthy source that listed the specifications for their chainmaille more clearly and in detail, and they are based in the US. The Hauberk I bought from them, has rings with an *interior* diameter of 8mm. That will put them closer in size to the ones in Anders' scrap in the photo above, and Lagertha's below:

Hopefully this will all work out, and the chainmaille I have on order will do the trick. Unfortunately because of this hiccup, I might not be able to finish my Elsa coronation gown.

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