Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Shieldmaiden's Search: Chainmaille Found!

For my reproduction of Lagertha's season 2 battledress, I've had a few bumps in the road during my search for the correct chainmaille.
The first one I found was just not up to the quality standards I desired, nor were the rings anywhere near the correct size. They were so off, in fact, that they would have been noticeable and messed with the fit and finish of the added tooled leather details.

But my worries are lessened a great deal since yesterday, when I received another chainmaille hauberk in the post. The ring size and finish is beautiful, and exactly what I need.
A big thanks to Dark Knight Armory for getting this to me so quickly, too.
The one I purchased was their Short Sleeve Butted Chainmaille Hauberk.

Dark Knight Armoury

This will get pieced apart (and I'm grateful that a lot of the dead weight will be lessened by this), and used to make the sections of Lagertha's armor in the top photo.
The only current issue I have with the new maille, is that it's drenched in the protective oil used to prevent rust during storage/shipping.
I really don't think I'll be needing or want *that much oil on my maille nor on the rest of my gear right now, so I'll be removing a good portion of it this weekend. It's going to get a quick bath in some very hot water and dish soap, and since it will be a hot sunny day, any rust will be absolutely minimal as it hangs out to dry. I'll be able to gently brush any tiny rust spots away with a Brillo pad, or just by rolling it around in a towel.
I will be reapplying some oil to it after wearing it, and if I plan on storing it for any period of time. Plus, the right oil might be good for keeping the leather bits conditioned, too.

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