Monday, June 30, 2014

Breaking The Rules...Whatever Those Are.

Dear readers, I cheated.
Today I committed one of the *cardinal sins for DIY costumers; I purchased a pre-made piece that is a major component of Elsa's Snow Queen gown; the cape.
There it was on Etsy, beckoning and tempting me with visions of 'finishing things in time' and 'less weeping whilst at my sewing machine'.
...notice I said "less" weeping. There may still be a few tearful nights as I get closer to game time.

While I had planned on making my own, I have less than 2 months left to complete 2, perhaps 3 costumes for Dragon Con, and I'm getting help wherever I can find it.
If that means I purchase something off Etsy pre-made to help with the rest of the costume I am making, so be it. This will save me many hours so that I can actually complete this entire costume, and others, by mid August.
Of course, I may be adding my own details to this cape in the form of even more sparkle, using Swarovski crystals and such.

Image from the Etsy seller listing, Angelsecret.

Just over 9 feet in both length and width (2.8 meters x 3 meters).
If you look to the sides of the main image above, you'll notice that the people holding the cape out need to stand on stools because of its size. I'm looking forward to getting this in hand. The listing states that they need 30 days minimum time frame to complete this cape, so I'm expecting the quality to be fairly good. At least good enough that I can work with it if I need to make minor changes or additions.

(*FYI; this is by no means a slam on those who cosplay with pre-made or purchased costumes. I am merely making fun of myself and my own tendencies and insane need to make ALL the things on my own. Sometimes I need to let my own standards take a vacation for the sake of my own sanity, and that's just fine. xoxo )


  1. It looks pretty spectacular, I think was a good call!

  2. It's beautiful. The only rules are your own.


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