Friday, February 14, 2014

Tron: Siren Gem Costume

Original Siren Gem costume.

Yet another from my to-do-list for Dragon Con 2014; Gem, one of the Sirens from the 2011 Film
"Tron: Legacy".
Already, I have materials arriving on my doorstep. Namely the shoes.
Footwear for a costume has all-too-often been one of the last things I take care of, sometimes not by choice. This time they are the first thing I have acquired toward this very complicated cosplay.

Like my Elsa cosplay, it's another frosty blonde look, which I'm thankful for.
After my drastic haircolor change for my Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria impression, it's nice to not have to worry about fake hair, wigs, or dye to cover up my own hair.
I like to choose characters that I already have at least an 80% resemblance to, as it not only makes it easier to do costuming and makeup for, but it also makes for a bigger impact when people see me as a character. People can choose to play who they want, regardless of what they look like. It's what makes cosplay innovative and so much fun. But for me personally, the art form is not to just have a similar outfit as a character. It's to be the character and to make those moments in a film or TV fictional universe come to life again in the minds of those that see me.

While my shoes are not exactly like the shoes in the film, they are the right color and made with the right materials, and they could have easily been seen in the Tron universe.
I like to think this is Siren Gem's other pair of go-to heels.
Should I end up with the time to modify a pair of shoes to look exactly like the ones seen in the film, that would be fantastic. And if not, then I have these babies already as an equally impressive backup:

The ones with the original costume have a little built-on upper in the silver grey rubberized fabric. That will be an easy addition.
For my own bit of flair on the shoes I have, I may add an LED light underneath the 'ledge' of the heel aiming downward, but it's a maybe. It could look awesome, or just weird if they are too bright. Either way, it could be a fun experiment.


  1. The problem for me has always been my delicate feet. I hate hard shoes; and, as my feet are fairly large (between a 10 -11 with a very high instep and a b/c width). I cannot wear most footwear produced in Asia. I really wish that real shoe-makers would return so that we, too, could have pretty shoes which would fit properly -- and we could get what we really wanted. Ah, big dreams, nein?

    1. Ah, yes! I feel your pain, and have already thought of that, too. I have around a size 9.5 to 10 foot, and a somewhat high arch.
      Hard soled shoes/platforms can be hard to wear but I can generally get a good 4 to 5 hours in them before my feet start to really complain. But, I have some really great arch supporting, cushy shoe inserts for that problem though, and I will definitely be utilizing those!
      Also, since these have quite the platform at the toe, the angle doesn't pitch forward too much, so my toes and arches won't get compacted by sliding forward, as it so often happens in heels with a high toe to heel ratio.

  2. Where the heck did you find these amazing shoes??? I love this costume idea and I love the idea of "innovation within the mindset of the universe" i.e. these are her "alternate shoes" which is awesome. Please show pics of the LED lights if you choose to add them to the shoes!


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