Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thanks For Sticking Around

To those of you that still follow this blog, thank you.
I know that many people who read this little journal of mine are not here for the sci-fi or the cosplay. They are here for the historical garments, and my recent deluge of modern sewing projects might scare some readers off.

I have a wide array of interests, and too many online profiles to make yet another journal just for the sci-fi, fantasy and burlesque sewing. Personally, I feel that it all falls into the same category with the historic sewing since it's all part of the same hobby.
Take heart; I have 6 months before Dragon Con in Atlanta to finish all 3 to 4 costumes, so somewhere in between I might be able to squeeze in some historical stuff.


  1. I like seeing a mix of genres, cos I have diverse interests too

    1. Thanks, Ista.
      While there is something to be said for the blogs out there that only focus on one subject or era when it comes to sewing or costuming, I've grown tired of having to suppress one interest for another when I want to share it here.
      I have hobbies and interests that are vastly different from one another, but I hope that just makes things more interesting for the truly creative folks that visit this blog of mine.

      A number of years ago, when I was still posting on Live Journal, I posted about a project that was something other than Victorian costuming. It was a sci-fi themed costume, and one reader flipped out and wrote me a very long email.
      Something about how she "questioned my sanity", and some other crazy BS about how I had basically ruined my "standing in the historical costuming community".
      Needless to say, she was a bit nuts and I wasn't the only one that she harassed. No one has seen or heard much from her since.


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