Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Update Of Sorts

Just a hello from your too-often-absent author.
I haven't had much time to post much here, since work and other activities have been keeping me busy; however, I will say that much of that has involved some costuming of the burlesque variety for a new stage persona! If only I had some good photos, but those might follow soon.

In other news; all the materials needed for my version of Elsa's Snow Queen gown from Frozen have been collected. Next week, I dive in headfirst to at least finish this one, and perhaps start on the coronation gown.
I think the only other thing I want to get are some of the chunky rectangle Swarovski crystals and smaller round flatbacks for the bodice details.
To make things move along even faster, I've found a few patterns to use as the basis for the skirt and bodice, and I just need to decide on a different closure for the bodice. I'm considering placing a strong zipper to the side of the center back. The center back will have lacing to adjust the bodice a sleek fit. (I've been hitting the gym and suddenly started losing excess winter weight from my waist and upper back, so I need this to fit snugly later on too!)
I may need to make two totally separate versions of this costume, since one will be for a burlesque act.
As much as possible, I want to be able to keep the 'real' one nice for events like Dragon Con and Disneyland costume events. Burlesque costumes get tossed, thrown, pulled, stepped on and flung on stage. Light colors such as pastel blue/aqua get dingy quickly, and beads & rhinestones pop off or get damaged. It's a hard-knock life for those creations and they often need replacing. I have some older stage costumes that look perfect on stage from the audience, but I would never want to wear them in broad daylight or convention lighting, nor up close in person for photographs.
Plus, it will be easier to make various layers for the burlesque version and focus on the performance itself, if I'm not worrying about the safety of my costume ;-)

So, you can look forward to more updates in the following weeks as my adventures in cosplay ensue.
I'm excited to once again experiment with Dharma acid dyes for this project, to get a slight ombre effect on Elsa's skirt.

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