Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frozen Fabric Finds: Part II

Well, I was finally able to track down some pretty fantastic fabric for the skirt of my Elsa costume; a metallic-threaded crinkle silk chiffon. Thank you Etsy!
While it's a little lighter in color than I'd like, I have plans to dye it a slightly richer shade as I give it a deeper ombre effect toward the hem. This is someting I was noticing about how Elsa's skirt appeared much of the time during the film. With the right dyes, it's not hard to achieve.

It doesn't need to be as intense an aqua as the above image, but something close to it to mesh with the other pieces well. Some of you might remember the dye job I did on my Valkyrie performance costume; it's sort of a similar process.
Since it's still a sheer fabric, I'll give the skirt a deeper blue lining as well.

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  1. Oh how delightful! I cannot wait to see your completed outfit! You will look splendid!



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