Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wow...That Actually Worked!

Dyeing is no easy process, especially when dealing with lots of fabric.
My past experience with using dye to color fabrics has been on a much smaller scale, so I was a bit intimidated at first. Not for the solid color pieces, but the two-tone effect I was after on the largest piece. This process is also known as Ombré.

Luckily for this newbie, I was just using one color; a lovely blood red onto the hem of a white silk 'cape'.
During the process, it looked as though I'd just prepared the neighbors for dinner..muwaha.
(Don't worry, those are just mannequin arms in the background. Part of an old Halloween zombie prop of Anders').

I had discovered there was a tiny hole in my glove. Oops.

Really, it's not what it looks like.

Success! So far.

If you're curious, the red hem is supposed to be as if it were dragged through a battlefield, so I wasn't going for a perfect gradient to the color.
The surprising ease in which the projects of the day transpired, also involved my search for some fake hair for the headdress portion of this costume. I ended up finding a great local place, just minutes form my house. I found exactly what I needed and fast. A rare thing for a last minute adventure on a Saturday evening, let alone finding the closest shade of blonde I need.

Super long, and each pack was only $5

As for the headdress, more to come on that subject soon ;-)

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  1. This number was so beautiful on stage. Very well done. The Dye effect was so awesome. While watching you I kept wondering to myself, WHERE did that yardage come from??? Is it a secret source, or can you share how you achieved the effect of one giant panel of fabric? Cheers!


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