Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flight Of The Valkyrie + Sewing Area To-Do

After at least one all-night rhinestone session, the burlesque costume for my new Valkyrie act is complete. The performance was a success, and it looked amazing on stage from what I heard. Photos are slowly trickling in from last night's "Heaven and Hell" show with The Hubba Hubba Review. Here's one image so far, thanks to the talented Rj Johnson:

In a way, I'm glad it's over! Not the performance aspect, I can't wait to do this one again, but the crazed (and somewhat last minute) costume engineering that has taken over the household for the last 3 weeks. We DO NOT have the space for this, lol! Yet somehow I still manage, and between myself and my amazing fiance, Anders, we create some pretty fabulous stuff. While I built the actual antlers using Celluclay over a wire frame, the final antler headdress would not have been possible without his help and insane abilities in the use of Bondo as a costuming aid.
If I had tried mixing this two-part coating myself, we would have had an epic, sticky, antler fail mess on our hands. But now I know how ;-)

Much ado about creative space...

Noting the subject of the lack of space; we are also finally able to do the big sewing area switch.
Currently, our sewing area is in a rather busy pathway in the house, and shoved into a corner.
I often...well, always find myself tearing apart and digging through all the stuff, no matter how organized, just to get to one item I might need. Tool and material accessibility is very low.
It also seems as though it's dark no matter what time of day it is. There is only one window, the sliding door to the backyard, and the light truly sucks.
More of this space could be utilized, but due to this busy pathway, that can never be. It is traversed by an excitable dog, is the path to the backyard, is near the dining area, and is the first thing people see and end up congregating in, instead of the living room area, when they enter the house :-\ It's usually a bit messy, if not at full apocalyptic levels like this last week.
Not only do I not want this to be the first thing people see when they drop by, I no longer want some project I'm working on at the mercy of food, drink, freshly bathed or dirtied dog, etc.
Especially if I'm about to be working on the 18th century ensembles involving lots of rare or rather high end silks and cottons I have collected over the years

However; the living area is adjacent to this. It has three (3!) surrounding windows and is about the same size in volume to the current sewing area but is it's own, more contained, space with more room to spread us absolute access to materials etc.
I actually fantasize about simply walking up to my fabric shelf or drawers of trim, taking what I need, and going back to my sewing. Instead, it's nearly an all-day affair of rearranging that half of the house to get a scrap of fabric or even a bit of millinery wire.
Plus, the lighting is 100% better, both natural from the windows and and from installed fixtures.

After taking a bunch of measurements, we discovered that everything in the living room could fit on the other side, and in effect, turn that whole half of our house into a much more welcoming environment. Plus, by trading areas, it would create a protected and exclusive area for sewing that is a little more low profile within our actual 'living area'.
In essence, it would keep the monster contained.


  1. What a glorious costume. Your idea for your new sewing area sounds brilliant to me in every way. I hope you have had time to make some moves toward these ends.


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