Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trying New Things...at the last minute

Could it be? I'm actually delving into the world of Regency! *gasp*!
A trip to southern California in less than two weeks involves attendance with two of my best friends to a  historically costumed event. It's not only semi-last minute, but also based around an era I usually don't give much thought to. Yet lately, I've been intrigued.

Normally I like fashions that show off a defined waistline, but I have found myself occasionally eying the late 1790s and 1820s.
For this "quick" gown, I'm using two sources; Janet Arnold's illustrations and diagrams for a 1798-1805 example from Snowshill Manor, and Simplicity pattern 4055 as a cutting guide that will be faster than having to scale up the JA pattern from the book.
When all is said and done, it should look more like the first two images. I'm going for a very late 1790s look.

I found a lovely pale ivory cotton voile that has an embroidered and appliqued floral vine pattern, also in ivory, woven through. Perhaps it's not totally accurate for the time period, but it will do for now. As you can see by the sheer nature of the cotton, I will definitely be making that chemise for underneath!
Next on my list to get before next weekend, is a simple pair of pointed toe flats in a light color. I'm hoping for a white or off white, and this will be a great chance to wear my clocked stockings from American Duchess. Even a pair of pastel flats could be nice. I'm just trying to stay away from typical black shoes, as more of the period fashion plates show lighter colors were worn more often with the lighter colored, gossamer ladies fashions of the era.

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