Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And The Wallet Whimpers Again

NOPE! Out of stock. Ugh, I hate it when this happens.
Hey Seller, here's an idea; maybe you should update your inventory so your customers don't end up ordering something you DON'T HAVE. Just a thought :-|
And the money is still tied up in Paypal until they refund me...I hope they refund me

(I still need) 10 yards of sapphire blue silk taffeta for my Dickens Fair project.
Renaissance Fabrics has something similar, and probably of better color & quality, but it's an extra $50 after tax and shipping. I may need to go that route though:

The true sapphire blue taffeta at Renaissance Fabrics:

and the other guy's 'light royal' blue taffeta, that is no more:

With this blue kick I'm on, I'm thinking of using a contrast trim of delicate burnished gold or metallic something-or-other. Maybe even silver, in a lightweight metallic fringe or soutache, combined with self ruching from the same silk? Now the question is if I will actually be able to get the darn fabric!

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