Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well, so much for sewing anything new at all for Dickens this year.
That previously mentioned fabric order snafu has thrown the final wrench in the works not only time-wise, but financially. They still have not refunded my money for the fabric they never had in stock, and because of that, I can't order more from another (more trustworthy) source I know.

Maybe the top half?

I *might* be able to crank out an 1850s caraco/jacket style bodice to wear with a skirt I have and a blouse, but I have a burlesque costume to get finished for an upcoming performance first.
Already, I can see this being yet another frustrating year of feeling like my outfit isn't quite hitting the mark, or just plain uncomfortable. I really needed a new, plain cotton corset to wear under all of it this year too :-(
I have a lovely one from Dark Garden but it's so beautiful, and it can get really warm in the Cow Palace. I'd be afraid of staining the silk, and I don't have time to make a sleeved chemise + cover.

Let's see what happens though. I really need to stay positive right now, since it seems just about everything has been working against me this year. Seriously, 2013 has been one of the most craptastic years in a long time.
If anything, I'll be sewing during the Dickens fair run, and might have something before the last 2 weekends.
I can hope, right?


  1. I think you'll pull through just fine! From what I saw in last year's Dickens posts, you have a very lovely wardrobe already. (Love the lavender 1840's!) If you need a quick chemise, long white cotton tank tops or night gowns (like the ones you can get from Target) work great for keeping a corset protected from sweat and prevent your body from getting chaffed. You can use them for corset covers, too. You can also cut the sleeves and neck out of a man's cotton t-shirt and use that. (I've done all the above!) Good luck!

    1. Thanks ;-)
      I think I just really wanted something new, since I've been wearing that lavender one for the last two years. I also need something in a less 'blah' color, since it's less lavender and more greyish. I'll definitely take the t-shirt chemise tip!


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