Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dicken's Fair; Narrowing It Down

Already, I've been making moves toward my new ensemble(s) for this year's Dicken's Fair.
I decided to have a proper hoop made for me, as this will save me a good chunk of time, and it's already on it's way.
Many thanks to my friend Cait who suggested Originals By Kay.

I will still need to make a fully flounced petticoat to go over it, and (cue dramatic music) a new corset.
It will be very basic, plain cotton, but I'm still not sure I will have the time to make that as well. Especially if I want it to be totally comfortable for all-day wear.
There may just be another trip to Dark Garden in my near future.

I also plan on finishing the Velvet Hussar/Sisi project that was started last year.

Below are just a couple of fashion plates I have for inspiration. I adore the dress on the left in this one, but I'm thinking of rich blue hues. Perhaps with a contrasting pale pink or burgundy silk bonnet.

I also want a mantel or some kind of decent outerwear this year too. I became really tired of messing with a shawl, and want to keep my hands more free. Either one of these would be wonderful. I'm really drawn to the one on the right with the lace:

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  1. Love those plates! Makes me want a mantel for Fair. Can't wait to see the Sisi ensemble!


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