Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For The Love Of Stripes...

So, back in a previous post I was worried about the accuracy of the larger stripe/print fabric I was using for my Robe a l'Anglaise. Well, I'm a little less worried now.
This one has an even larger repeat (with flourishing vines in between!) than mine does, and is a similar color scheme to mine.
The below example is from the museum collection at Colonial Williamsburg. I only wish they had a back view of the dress online, too:

The velvet bow may be a later addition(?) but I'm loving the quilted petticoat underneath as well.

Museum description:

Origin: Asia, India (textile); England (gown)
Gown: OL: 52" front; 67 1/2" back Waist 24 1/2" Textile: W: 42 3/4"; repeat 8 1/2"
Textile: Mordant-painted and dyed cotton (calico, chintz), linen bodice and sleeve linings; boning.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1947-511
Woman's gown of striped floral India chintz. Gown has tight fitting bodice, pointed center front and back; square neckline with drawstring across front; lined with linen and lightly boned with whalebone at center front and back seams. Plain tight sleeves are curved to fit over elbow. Skirt, unpicked across front waistline, was restitched along original lines; the excessive length suggests that skirt was intended to be drawn-up in polonaise fashion; skirt is unlined with narrow hem. Bodice has eyelets for lacing at center front. Sleeves cut with design going around arm. No surviving evidence for polanaise remains.
Textile: the striped pattern is one of undulating arborescent stems bearing leaves and carnation buds and blossoms framed by narrow scalloped bands in red and brown dots to simulate ribbon-lace. Each floral-lace pattern unit is separated from the next by a wide band of red, blue, tan stripes overlaid with zigzag floral chain and sprigs in blue; glazed finish."

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