Monday, June 24, 2013

Stripes And Flourishes

Here are the 2 center back pieces of my current Robe a L'Anglaise project put together. I must say I did a fine job at matching those stripes! Thanks to that and the design, I even have what looks like a little ladybug at the bottom of that first 'V'; too cute.

The fabric really is lovely, but I think for 18th century dress fabric, the repeat is a smidgen too wide.
Oh well, it's still pretty, and a good fabric to test out this pattern.
I can hear that line in the back of my mind from 'Amadeus' telling me, well..."it's Turkish!"

I also want to find a nice rich red silk taffeta to make a petticoat and tabbed stomacher for the zone front.
Somewhere in my stash, I also have some ivory silk organza that I can hear begging to be ruched sleeve cuffs.
And below is the side/front bodice piece as I was figuring out what direction I wanted the stripe to go.
Though it looks odd now, once the zone is cut away and the trimming applied, etc, it should look just dandy.


  1. OH YES. Red and white and 18th century!!! I can't wait to see the finished ensemble.

    1. And I plan on pairing it with my red Kensingtons, of course ;-)



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