Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Once More,With Feeling...

Remember at the end of my last post, where I wondered what the hell I was going to wear to the upcoming Twelfth Night Ball?
Well, all I need is a new bodice! I think I can make it work in time, and I'm hauling on it, so I'm not too worried.

The Twelfth Night Ball is essentially the big wrap party for the cast of Dickens Fair. Yes, Dickens still has its claws in us weeks after it ends. What's nice about this ball, is that we can wear whatever era we want ;-)
So, since I have zero 1850s or 1860s formal wear, I'm going 1880s bustle since there is a lot of that going on in my wardrobe already. However, the only formal evening or ballgown style bodice I have is the one to my madame X gown. I've already worn that to so many of the dances that I need something new...and I'd like to wear something besides black.

I know, I know. The Sisi/Velvet Hussar project needs to be finished, and I'll finish that before I start any more new projects...but I need this ballgown bodice by this Saturday evening.
I already have the lower half of the ensemble from this 1880s promenade gown I made a few years ago. I might remove the lace apron for the ball though:

I was lucky enough to have plenty of the rich magenta silk faille taffeta left over to make a ballgown bodice from (it looks more purple in the above photo than is really is).
I'm using the Truly Victorian 1860s Ballgown Bodice, and making the point in front a little more long and sharp instead of the soft V the pattern gives me. Keeping the whole design fairly simple, I'm likely not adding any lace and utilizing the same green/rose shot moire ribbon I have on the skirt somewhere on the bodice.
I've also added a little peplum in back, to give it that much more of a bustle era boost.
Sleeves; It's one of those almost-off-the-shoulder styles, so I may leave that as is, and use the short puff sleeves that already come with the pattern...though I may widen them a bit for more puff, then tack them in a few spots to sculpt the puffiness. Working with this silk is a dream, and sculpting is the word that keeps coming to mind.
Here is the bodice after just starting it this afternoon. I had to crank the color of the image a bit to show the true color of this incredible silk. Each piece is flat-lined with a plain white cotton twill, darts are done, peplum is pepped...like I said, I'm hauling:

Tonight or tomorrow evening, I'll do the final fitting and decide if I want the closure in back or hidden in front under some sneaky trim/sash thingy.
Oh and, Happy New Year! XOXOX


  1. OoooOO! I am looking forward to seeing the result! I won't be at the ball, so please take lots of photos :-)


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