Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gruß vom Krampus!

...and a happy new year!

Dickens Fair is over, the house is a mess of fabric scraps and costume bits from the sewing and being too exhausted or ill to do any real cleaning in between.
During the fair's run, I wasn't able to complete my velvet Sisi ensemble, but did create the velvet skirt for it, plus a couple of alternative items to wear; a black taffeta over-skirt, a blouse and another full length skirt.
Hopefully there will be photos surfacing of me actually wearing these items, or when the weather clears a bit, maybe I will have Anders help me take some new photos.
Already, plans for next year's outfits are on the drawing board, and my friends Laura and Caitlyn of Curse Words And Crinolines have plans for matching ensembles of awesomeness ;-)

Like last year, I felt out-of-sorts with my clothing. I didn't have enough time in my sewing area to really create some new pieces since Anders needed to use it to make himself and a few of his gentleman companions new waistcoats and pants. I wasn't able to start the majority of my sewing until the last weekend of pre-Dickens workshops. This next year will be different, and I'd like to make more ensembles that require less fussing with them throughout the day. With the rush to complete things, I ended up having to use pins instead of actual closures, and no real time to make sure everything was comfortable to wear all day.
I'll need a new hoop petticoat, too, that can hold the weight of heavier fabrics and give a more historical shape and size. Mine, while very nice, is larger and built for lighter garments and modern bridal wear. It has only 4 hoops in a fabric casing, so it can't hold anything heavier than lightweight fabrics like taffeta and cotton.
I've sourced and purchased some of the materials to make at least one of next year's dresses, but as promised, this blog shall once again go forth into the 18th century!!
The velveteen breeches and frock coat for Anders will be completed, and my gowns, hats and accessories will follow!
I am so excited to be starting on a different era after so much hoop era immersion over the holidays.

P.S. Now, what do I wear for the Twelfth Night ball in just a few weeks?!

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