Wednesday, January 2, 2013

At The Starting Gate: 2013 Project Possibilities

There are sketchbooks loaded with ideas from over the years taking up a good chunk of space on my bookshelf. They are filled with scribbled down dreams and the shadows of erased pencil strokes beneath a final drawing. Pages and pages of projects involving the creation of garments and other items and props for the burlesque stage. It's like the old saying goes; so much (fill in the blank), so little time.

Well, if I'm going to make any New Years resolutions, here is a list for the sewing half of things.
I was inspired by my friend Cait of Curse Words And Crinolines and her latest post on sewing plans for the new year.
Keep in mind these are *new* projects, not ones I'm currently working on. Some will be out of the pages of those sketchbooks.
Perhaps I will get all or just a choice few completed by the end of 2013, let alone started, so here goes:

A pair of 18th century stays, perhaps two; middle and late century:

A couple of 18th century gowns. A saque, a robe a l'anglaise, and hopefully my 'historically accurate' version of the "It's Turkish!" dress from the film Amadeus:

I have never been a big fan of the early bustle silhouette, but some recent stunning creations by a few colleagues have inspired me to look again at the years between 1873-75 with fresh eyes. It can be done elegantly and you don't need to look like a walking, overly decorated, wedding cake :-)

 The lavender gown on the right is an original at the V&A;
"Day dress, 1873-75. Museum no. T.112 to B-1938. Given by Miss M. Eyre-Poppleton".

A new hoop, and the Laughing Moon Lobster Tail bustle I've been curious about for years. I'll need it for the early bustle gowns pictured above:

A hoop era ballgown, 1850s or 1860s:
And for Dickens this year, the ensemble to the right in the same photo.

A natural form gown of some kind:

An 1830s gown (Cait and I have plans. Fluffy cupcake-like plans, muwaahaha):

Again for Dickens; a mid Victorian military-inspired  ensemble...or two. One has been on the back burner for a while:

A 1930s evening gown design I found ages ago that I've been yearning to recreate, perhaps in time for the Max Raabe show in April.
I'll leave that one a secret for the time being...

Last but not least; a new Victorian corset:

Something basic and sturdily made, yet not bulky, of  plain cotton designed for longer periods of wear (*cough*Dickens Fair*cough*). I'm even considering having this one made for me instead of making it up myself. An investment I shall make sooner rather than later, given the projects I wish to complete.

Stay tuned XOXO!


  1. Yay!! I love your list, so many neat things on it. It looks like we have a lot in common on our lists which is so much fun to have a friend to sew with :)

    1. I agree! Having someone to sew with will probably help in keeping me on track. I can get distracted by the burlesque costuming ;-)


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