Friday, January 18, 2013

Color Suggestions: Thanks For The Ideas!

Both on and off this blog, many of you suggested some great color combinations for my upcoming early bustle V&A dress project.
My final pick may actually be two.
I'd love to do a super pale lavender with a dark purple trim.

If I can't find a lavender silk taffeta that I like, I'm going to go with my original consideration of the cream/light beige with black trim, which I think will look quite sharp.

I wanted to stay away from colors that were too dark all over, and while I love soft colors I want to keep a contrast between them.

I would do pink with black if I didn't already have a late bustle gown in those colors, and after using that color
combination many times over the years for various projects, I'm a little burnt out on it.

All tan/brown ensembles, or combos thereof, can wash me out.
I've tried it, but since I'm quite pale, I need to stay away from all tan/brown unless I'm using it as a small
amount of trim.

Pink with dark pink; I want to stay away from the cotton candy colors so I don't look like a cupcake (I know.
This is amusing, coming from a woman who just wore a very pink silk bustle gown to a ball).

I considered pale, cool, celadon green with a dark hunter green trim.
The green color combo is actually still another contender, and I have a good source for some pale green silk for the gown. BUT, would this look too 'Mina Harker'? ...not that it would be a bad thing.

I'm trying to stay away from the iridescent silks we see a lot of these days, and silk taffeta inherently has a nice sheen already.
It seems to be getting harder to find truly solid, non shot or iridescent silk taffeta these days, and while I really like them, I want the texture of this dress to be more true to the original it is based off of.
I may just splurge on buying a silk faille taffeta for the trim no matter what colors I go with. It's more expensive, but I won't need too much yardage for just the details.

But enough obsessing over colors!
Either way, I have time to search out the fabrics I need as this is just a project for fun (finally) with no obligation attached to it. I am; however, obligated to at least do it, and finish it.

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