Thursday, January 24, 2013


Due to my laptop's recent and unexpected death, I must apologize for not posting or commenting here as often as I'd like or should.
The motherboard fried thanks to a faulty USB port, but lucky for me, my data is safe on the hard drive.
I'll admit I had a little internalized freak out over the possibility of losing all my coveted and hoarded historic costume images, let alone all the music, photos, etc. Or my BOOKMARKS, gah!! I don't even want to think about that.

Until I can afford an external hard drive to dump it all onto, it sits on a server at Anders' workplace, safe and sound...I hope :-\
There is no way I can afford a new computer right now, and besides my work computer, I'm using a tiny little HP Mini at home to at least have some access to email etc. (borrowed from Anders).
The first time I used it, I cracked up a little as I opened it up on my lap and tried to type something. It's so adorable, like it was accidentally hit with a shrink ray.

I will have more sewing updates after this week. I am attending a WWII 'social' this weekend, so that leaves no time to start up with the sewing again until the following week. Plus, I just recently finished cleaning up and organizing the sewing area. I can find things again!

So, enough with my tech problems and such. I leave you all with something pretty XOXO....

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  1. Our computer crashed and burned last spring and we lost all that was on our desktop, etc.! The pits!
    The hat in this plate was the inspiration for the one that was made to go with my pastel striped silk sacque back gown! I love it so much! (Pictured on me in several places on my blog).
    Looking forward to more posts soon~


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