Thursday, January 17, 2013

Almost there...

The great Clean Up is nearly done!
I can see the entire floor of my sewing area.
The cutting table is clean, folded down and rolled out of the way (for now).
Usable scraps have been separated from the throwaway clippings.
Fabrics have been put in their proper shelves and drawers.

I still need to rearrange my trim and ribbon drawers. They are a spaghetti-like mess after so much digging through, when madly searching for last-minute trims and notions.

I think an Etsy de-stash is in order, too. I have more than a few fabrics and trims that, while pretty, I don't see myself using anytime in the near future. If I do end up needing something like them, they are kinds I can always buy more of.

I'd add photos to this post, but I'm at work and don't have those images here. I'll add some later tonight once it's all shiny and you can all imagine that it's what it looks like...all the time ;->

So instead, here's just something pretty:

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