Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Velvet Hussar Gown: Part III

 So the sleeves are on and I decided to start in on some of the fur trim. At least to salvage and size up the long shawl collar front piece. Armed with a felt marker and an exacto knife, I began the surgery that is re-purposing a vintage mink fur coat. 

If you have ever seen the inside of a fur coat without its lining, it is insanity:

Here is the front shawl collar just draped and pinned onto the front of the coat for an idea of what I'm going for. The bottom edge of the coat will also be trimmed in this mink, and the sleeves will have mink cuffs (please excuse the creepy mannequin head in the bottom right corner):

The monogram that was embroidered onto the lining of the fur coat I used is stunning. The Initials read ONM, and every time I find a vintage monogrammed item, I like to imagine what the owner's name may have been. Olivia, Olive, Ophelia, Olga, Octavia, Odette?
Perhaps I'll make a little cushion from the silk, with this at its center:


  1. That looks lovely! The fur is so elegant!!

    1. Thank you! I'm also pleased that the natural stripe in the mink is matching up in front at the collar ;-D

  2. Ooo, that is going to be stunning! I love the repurposed mink, that's a fabulous idea. :D

    1. Thanks, I think it will work out ok.
      I love to re-purpose old furs if they are in sound enough condition.
      The only time I won't is if it's a piece I want to wear as is ;-)
      This coat had a ripped up lining, and that odd 3/4 sleeve length from the late 1950s/early 1960s. The coat luckily wasn't my style, so I didn't fee so bad about taking it apart.

  3. Wow! I absolutely love what you have done here. What a totally elegant coat.


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