Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let The Fur Fly...

That is the word for this current costume project, but not impossible.
To some, the mere idea of this project caused a few people to politely and helpfully suggest alternative ensembles, but I stood firm.
I agree with many of the warnings given by my peers, but truly, it's not that bad.
It's just time consuming, and now my only worry is finishing on time.
The hardest part thus far; the fur trim on the hem of the coat.
Shaping it so that it fits the curve of the hemline smoothly, with only so much fur to use, has been a lesson in (even more) patience in hand sewing.

The underside of the fur hem with slashed 'darts' pinned in place...

After darts have been stitched securely, this is what you get on the pretty side...and hope there isn't too much variation in the fur texture over those spots

At least the faint stripe in the mink fur is matching up for the most part.
Hopefully I can get a good amount more of it done tonight because after that, all I have to do is flip it over, and secure the top edge of the fur trim to the coat. The bottom edge of the pelt is already machined onto the hem.
At least I could do that much on my machine.

Ugh...I shall prove victorious!

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