Thursday, November 29, 2012

On A Personal Note...

Ever since I began neglecting Live Journal for Facebook about 4 years ago, FaceBook and this sewing blog are really the only outlet I have had for writing.
Sure, I could just use FB Notes, but they seem so temporary. They get buried beneath the main interface of daily doses, LOL Cats and memes. There isn't that directness of viewing them the way you can here, and frankly, the FB Notes interface is just plain ugly. There is no way to personalize it or make it your own, this is why I loved Live Journal for so long.
When someone visits my blog, it's my own little space, and I want them to be swept away for a little bit. I want them to not only read what I have written, but experience it as well via imagery and artwork that isn't simply defined by a tiny jpeg link in each post. Being able to frame the pages your posts reside in with textures and images, helps to blur the reality of the fact you are simply staring at a computer monitor. Rather, you are looking into someone's personality and even soul.
FB is cold, and while I do enjoy much of the social interaction it provides, it's not very engaging for the kind of writing, idea sharing and image posting I enjoy.

LJ simply became too, well, depressing. It seemed as though all the friends I had that posted regularly there, all left for Facebook and would rarely, if ever, post in LJ.
Now, I could care less if people post a bunch of replies to my updates as was the thing at LJ.
I just want a fresh space.

While I could very well use this sewing blog as a personal blog too, I choose to keep the two separate.
I would rather not fill this up with my personal drivel, letting people who really do want to read about 'me' do so in a separate blog, and sparing those here who just want the sewing ;-)

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  1. I know what you mean about LJ. I took a forced break and ws only able to check it quickly every now and then for a while, and when I came back, it didn't feel like home anymore. I can't really connect there like I used to, and feel queasy posting too personal stuff over there. I will follow your other blog !

    1. Thanks, and welcome!
      It's good to know others have felt the same about LJ. I used to post there and interact with friends (both online and real-life) nearly every day. I have communities there too, that I moderate. So those have kept the tether attached so to speak, and it's really tough to get people in those established comms. that may still use LJ regularly, to move to a different venue.

  2. I'm still on LJ (bauhausfrau) it's gotten smaller but if you can find the right group that can be a good thing. Happy to follow you here too.


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