Monday, September 3, 2012

Once More Into The Breach!...Er, Breeches!

Today I began the mock-up of Anders' 1770-80s breeches; ugh.
Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to finally be making them, but holy Amadeus. There are not only a ton of pieces to this pattern, but a couple of flaws that would seriously ruin a person's day if they aren't carefully paying attention (along with a good sense of how a fall front is constructed).

So far so good!

The flaws I noted, and have heard about from other sewers with this pattern, is the mismatch between what is shown on a pattern piece and what is shown in the instructions.
On the fall front lining for instance, they have one of the markings (a spot in the seam allowance to clip in) on the wrong edge of the pattern, which can confuse the user as to what edge to stitch together.
Edited to note:***After further inspection and a near fail I just caught, I noticed the instructions actually do have you stitch the incorrect edges together for the fall front lining.***

Also, when an edge on the front of the breeches should be "turned under" to the wrong side of fabric, it shows it in the instructions being turned outward, toward the right side/outside. Very odd.
I plan on sending a friendly note to the company (J.P Ryan) about the issues above, but should any of you try the 1770s fall front breeches pattern, be wary.

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