Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinking Practice

Stuck at home today, not feeling well, I decided that I had enough gusto to try my new pinking tool out.

While I did not have a piece of wood or a mallet handy, I kept it simple; a small hammer and a few magazines had to suffice. This is the only time I will use this method, since a hammer is probably not so great for the handle of the pinking tool.

I must say I did pretty well for a first try.

I used the end of a vintage rayon taffeta ribbon since it was handy, and has a similar thickness and fiber texture to silk taffeta.
You can tell where I started at the far left, and my 'pinks' became progressively cleaner toward the last one. Slow and steady does the trick. I discovered that if I space my hits about a second apart, putting just enough force as the weight of my own arm into it, the tool bites deeper and more evenly. There were a few little strings that I had to trim away, but it was such a miniscule amount. Also, this was using magazines as a base. They were likely too soft, and while wood will still have enough give, it will offer a more rigid base for cleaner edges.
This was just one layer of material, and it took about 5 hits on the tool to get one scallop design.

Overall though, I'm pretty pleased and looking forward to making many pinked items!


  1. HI Vienna,
    May I ask where you purchased your pinking tool? I have pinking shears, but would love to have the scalloped shape as well. Lovely work, and hope you feel better soon.
    ~ Mme Theo.

  2. Thank you, I am feeling a lot better than I was this morning!

    I actually found this pinker on Ebay, which is a good place to look. They occasionally pop up for sale.



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