Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Last Dirndl...For A While.

As some of you may have read in past posts, I was making a limited number of custom dirndl dresses.
This is one of the last of any commission projects I will be doing for a very long time, as I need to focus what little sewing time I get on sorely needed projects for myself and my gent. Some of which have been sitting on the back burner, or unfinished, for over 4 years :-(
This last dirndl flew the nest to its new, and very happy, owner. I made sure to take a few photos of it before packing it up, since I had been bad about documenting the others I had made before sending them off.

This one is a royal purple cotton with a lavender dotted batiste for the apron and trimming:

Auf weidersehen, mein schatz...

So, you can look forward to my next posts here actually involving 18th century fashion and play-by-play project posts! Up next; that darn velveteen frock coat and breeches for the gent. Then, my gown!


  1. This is fabulous. Did you use the Folklore dirndl pattern, or something else?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I used a Burda pattern for a style guide only, to draft custom patterns for each customer. While I did not use the pattern outright, I think it's a really good one and would go together pretty easily for someone with at least intermediate sewing skills. it's also definitely more traditional in the way the bodice is cut, especially in back, than the Folklore pattern.

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