Sunday, May 13, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different!

While we're on the subject of personal sewing projects, this is what I've been working on over the last few days. Yes, it's a sci-fi costume and for those who might know what they are looking's Star Trek related.
Never in my life did I ever think I'd delve into the world of the Trekkie, but there's a first time for everything, right?
I'm personally not that interested in Star Trek, and would never consider myself remotely the Trekkie type. But I somehow LOVE the kitsch of the classic 60's Star Trek series. It's like Mad Men in space; everyone looks fabulous, their hair is perfect and so are their clothes, they are breaking rules and getting laid. least Captain Kirk is ;-D

So what is this insanity I am working on?
My fiance and another friend of ours were at a loss as to what to do this year for the local annual sci-fi convention (BayCon). We jumped at the idea of doing classic Star Trek, because everyone else does the modern version...and we wanted something that was ever so slightly obscure. Or characters that, while recognizable upon sight, were rarely seen in the early series;

Romulans were the balance between the ultra war-like Klingons and the ultra logical Vulcans. Needless to say, I'm playing the female Romulan Commander. I get to woo Spock and watch Kirk go mad, all while wearing pointy ears, crazy eyebrows and the shortest dress possible. So awesome.

Here is my version of the dress so far. I have yet to hem the skirt to the final length, since I haven't even put the sleeves or the back sections of the dress on. Once all the layers are in place and fitted properly, I'll hem it.
I'm using a light weight rayon stretch suiting material for the dress itself (both the black and red sections are the same fabric), and a large fishnet that is layered over the black. This black mesh is getting a few coats of metallic spray fabric paint before being pieced onto most of the dress shell.
The red sections are also getting a paint job with a stencil to create the triangle pattern on the right sleeve, bodice front and sashes. I'm not using a pattern for the dress, and just draping on my dress form. The only pattern I'm using as a guide is for the sleeves.

While it is a 4-way stretch, I still need to put darts in the mesh for the two back pieces to keep it from bunching at the waist. My back has a bit more curve inward. These will be painted a metallic pewter tomorrow, then layered over the matching solid black pieces:

I'll post photos when it's complete. I'm really looking forward to this event, in all its silly geek glory.


  1. Looking awesome. Classic Trek will always be the best when it comes to fashion. And what is the fiance wearing? Please say he's also doing a Romulan and gets to wear one of those amazing helmets.

  2. Hehe! Yes, he is also doing Romulan but I'm not sure on weather or not the helmets will be made this time around. He and out friend are doing the blue/black combo uniform.

  3. Wonderful! I totally agree with you about old Star Trek being a kind of Mad Men in space. Can't wait to see pics from the con.


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