Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Quote I Should Live By...

"Why create at the last minute? Because panic does away with thought and makes room for inspiration and creativity."

~Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden Corsetry

With a few looming burlesque performances next month, that I have decided *require* new acts/costumes, I begin to over-think each project.
Ok, maybe just one. Because it's really all I have time and energy for right now, heh!

The one I have decided to embark on is like no act I have built before, so of course, my brain starts to pick away at it. The engineering aspect of a burlesque costume not usually what I ponder and get stuck on, but this is the type of costume I'm not used to.
This will likely have no corset, no stockings, no classic burlesque accoutrements besides pasties. It will have a large headdress, while the main portion of the costume will require yards and yards of silk habotai.

But what else do I put underneath?!
For ages I have used my formula of classic undergarments, and now faced with this conundrum of wanting to avoid those altogether, I come to a screeching halt.
Sure, I have a ton of ideas. It's how to execute them that puzzles and worries me.
One main idea that sticks in my mind is a sheer flesh-tone bodysuit, appliqued with sparkly designs that cover all the naughty bits ;-)
I've never made a totally successful body suit, especially one that would need to both fit me like a glove, looks invisible on stage and moves with me comfortably. My last one was when I was Catwoman for Halloween in 10th grade. It was so uncomfortable, and way too short in the torso. It was one of my first truly involved sewing projects with PVC fabric
Plus, given the time frame, would I be able to buy a bodysuit/full leotard like this somewhere and alter/add to it as I need?

I find that while I'm an artistic person, I become too analytical. These are the things that get me stuck, and I need to just start sewing and building to see where it takes me.

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