Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something Completely Different: A Makeup Review

I'm not a big fan of most television, but there are a handful of shows I have enjoyed over the years, including a few I watch regularly now.
One of these is Mad Men.

While I'm also not a big fan of the 1960s, I have found myself slowing down to look at the occasional early 60s cocktail dress on Etsy these days.
I'm also a sucker for great vintage and reproduction cosmetic packaging. So, when Estée Lauder recently released its limited edition vintage Mad Men lipstick and rouge, I had to bite.

"The heart of the Mad Men® Look:
Lipstick and Creme Rouge in elegant,
vintage designs from the legendary
Estée Lauder ’60s collections."

I ordered just the lipstick, because I wasn't willing to spend so much on a rouge (blush) color I wasn't sure of online. I'm planning on checking it out at Nordstrom's. I still want it for the fancy compact. The one I use now is not. It's old, and not in a good way.
I'm sick of being embarrassed each time I pull it out of my purse to touch up my lip color.
There is this myth that it's rude and unladylike to touch up lips at the restaurant table, or anywhere in public. Wrong.
That only applies to powder and cheek rouge, and that's what 'powder rooms' were for.
But, if one is going to apply lipstick in public, make sure your compact mirror is a pretty accessory. Akin to a piece of jewelry.

The lip color in question, called 'Cherry', looks like a vivid red online. I was hoping for a really nice vivid blue-base, or a hot pinkish red. Much like the brighter lip colors of the 50s and 60s.
When I ordered, I already knew I would likely get something a bit different.
Any of the reds and pinks are good with my complexion, so I was game to try it out regardless.

The lipstick arrived today, and instead of that hot red shade I was imagining, it's a rather nice rich deep pink, that still flirts toward crimson.
It's the perfect 'daytime red', in a warm neutral that will look great on lots of skin tones. Especially blondes and redheads ;-)
It's still a very vintage shade, and as a bit of a heads-up, the tube is the smaller vintage size. Just like the original it is based off of.

So, while it wasn't the color I'd hoped it would be, I am pleased.
The color is beautiful, I didn't have a nice pink lipstick and now I do, the high quality and creamy texture is comfortable on, and it lasts.
Plus, if I want it more red, I can simply use a red lip liner underneath.

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