Thursday, March 22, 2012

Too Many Options...

So little time.
It's perhaps like having to choose who your favorite child is. You just can't, so you close your eyes, spin around twice, and point at random.

This is how I feel about upcoming sewing projects.
There are things that need to be made, and things I WANT to make (and this time that want is leaning more toward a need).
Once the absolute needs are complete, it's the 'wants' that need to be chosen.

I was looking at my stash of silks (taffetas, duchess satins, etc) and became overwhelmed with ideas.
If that's possible, and I'm trying to avoid my usual reaction of just buying an entirely new load of fabric for an ensemble.

But, I have red shoes coming. It will be a couple of months until they arrive, but oh how I want to make a contrasting powder blue gown to go with them....I'm thinking some vintage arctic fox fur trimming would look nice somewhere on it....Anyway...
Until then, I must finish my other, more pressing projects. This may even give me time to sort out any new ensembles from the 'Want' list in my head, and onto my final design/budget wall.
Plus (!), I still have the Pompadour gown project on the horizon. That one is from the 'Want' list as well.

First things first;
The plum burgundy velveteen 18th century frock coat/breeches and a waistcoat for my gent.
A Georgian gown for me from a lovely stripe silk taffeta, a long time waiting in my stash, that will correspond to his above ensemble.

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