Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Catching Up

It's been a while, once again, since the last entry here and seems to be a habit of mine. Especially as I go about gathering up materials and supplies for Dragon Con costuming.
Here are a few shots from way back in January, taken at the Twelfth Night Ball.
This is the ice blue ball gown I was working on, and barely had enough time to finish...and I still don't consider it totally finished. But, it turned out to be a gown "that would do" and is stylishly simple.

A surprise photo with Anders, Photo: Laurie Tavan

Tea-dyed satin slippers; they went from a glaring white, to this lovely candlelight ivory thanks to some English breakfast tea. They show up a slightly deeper shade in this photo than they actually are.

I wanted to add more trimmings made from the blue silk and gold trims, around the neckline for a faux bertha collar (as seen on some extant ballgowns). I'm still hoping to give it a delicate helping of that, a little extra on the sleeves, and perhaps something on the skirt as well made from the taffeta and gold metal brush fringe. Something along the lines of this, instead of having the metal fringe straight along the hemline as I do now:

Still, I wish I had a good shot of the bodice front. With that said, the gown ended up very much reminding people of Cinderella, and that became my nickname for the evening ;-)
A little more boning at the seams is needed, too. Hopefully as the weather and free time improves, Anders and I will head up to Villa Montalvo for a quick photo shoot with this gown. The Villa is the same location we shot my Sisi velvet and mink ensemble, so it should be the perfect spot for a Cinderella-like set.

Striking a Winterhalter pose with Jenny Storm, Photo: Bill Watters

Dancing with Anders, Photo: Laurie Tavan

With Daniel and Laura, photo: Christopher Erickson

And then things just turned silly...
Photo by Bill Watters

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