Thursday, May 15, 2014

Frozen: Deco Style

Since I can't pile enough projects on my plate lately, I decided that I needed to make a late 1930s Frozen inspired dress. I think much of the inspiration came to me the moment I stumbled across a printed cotton that had Elsa's ice bodice design.
I had a hard time choosing a dress design from my vast collection of vintage patterns, but I finally settled on a 1939 Advance pattern (style #4). Just enough ruching on the bodice, but not too much, and I might do a slightly less puffy sleeve.
My plan is to do a two-tone design, pairing the pale Elsa print on the bodice, with a deeper turquoise cotton for the skirt, short sleeves and piping on the shoulders
I'm hoping to get it done for the trip to Disneyland this Memorial Day weekend!


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