Monday, May 19, 2014

Elsa's Snow Queen Bodice: The Finishing

** Sorry for the typo in the title earlier. I was writing this post late at night, on very little sleep ;-)

 Finally, I was able to assemble the bodice portion of this costume. I still need to do some decorative work, and in all; this is definitely not my final version of this costume. But even with all its flaws, it will be a fun and (hopefully) more comfortable version for running around Disneyland next weekend.
I wish the below image could show how sparkly the layers really are.
Like I mentioned, this will get another light layer of the rectangular blue sequins and rhinestones for added depth. I'll probably be sewing those on in the car on the way down to Anaheim.

I had to add a cotton lining, otherwise the itchiness of the underside, with all the exposed edges of sequin and glitter fabrics, would be unbearable. It makes it all a bit bulkier than I'd have liked, but it's worth it for the comfort. I simply whip-stitched the lining in along the top and bottom edges, and I'll be adding a back panel to fill in space under the laces.

I also added lacing grommets up the back. I only had the larger size on hand, but these will do fine for this version. Normally I don't use a hammer, but tapping the rings together gently worked out ok and didn't split the washers.

I also found an entire bolt of the fabric I'm using for my dragon con version of the cape.
I wanted more yardage just in case. Unfortunately it sold out of most Joann Fabric store locations, and even sold out of that particular color on the website. Luckily, as if it were waiting for me, I found an uncut bolt sitting on the shelf just the other day when I was just looking for more thread
So, I was able to take some of the yardage from my first stash of this glimmer tulle to make a shorter 'walking length' version. Photos of that soon.


  1. Your idea of layering the bodice fabrics really gives a lot of depth to this look! Great job!

    1. Thank you!
      It's been kind of fun playing with the layers and getting totally new textures from combining them. I'll be adding the rectangular sequins and gradient rhinestone details too. There will be photos to post of me wearing the completed ensemble, along with a few friends in Frozen regalia, this weekend!


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