Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elsa's Snow Queen Bodice: Progress

So far so good.
I have all the pieces for the lining and 'outer' shell put together. At least the first layer.
I should mention that the finished bodice will look nothing like the aqua disco ball atrocity in the following photos.
I'm using this as the shimmering deeper turquoise base, and layering lighter materials over it:
a paler aqua shimmer tulle, then all the little rectangular bits, and finally some icy rhinestones
The bottom edge needs reshaping and I had to make the back higher, but the sweetheart neckline turned out fine as is. I still need to fit it a little at the waist, this was taken right after I stitched the outer layer together:

 A close up of the animated artwork of Elsa's ice bodice. So many layers and textures!
This could be a fun project or one that will drive me nuts.

Twill core lining and aqua cotton interlining. I'll be building this as close to an actual corset as possible, but a little lighter. No tight lacing for this one, and I'm using a combo of straight and spring steel boning.

This is starting out as Version #1 of this bodice.
Turns out I need it for a few non-burlesque related events sooner rather than later. There's a huge costumed event coming up at Disneyland in May, so yeah, I'm hustling.
After that, this will get turned into the burlesque version (and likely get a zipper put in somewhere) and the extra fancy version will get made separately ;-)
This is just a really thorough mockup.

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  1. I looooove the color and the sequins. I love how you are making it to multitask for you. Just fantastic!


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