Monday, April 28, 2014

Elsa's Snow Queen Bodice: Layer #2

After work today, I paid a visit to the fabric store for a few more materials for the Frozen wardrobe.
Of course, they were out of the aqua metallic spiderweb tulle I needed more of, so instead I opted for some shimmer organza. This may actually work better as the second layer to diffuse the disco ball look of the fabric it will go over.

 It's not nearly as glittery in the photos, but it looks amazingly lovely as an overlay. This is what the rest of the decoration will attach to; various sizes of iridescent rectangular sequins and super chunky, sparkly Swarovski elements.
I may go back for more of this organza, to make a shorter 'walking around Disneyland' version of the cape ;-)

A closing thought on the entire construction of this outfit and those like it to come:
in looking at the actual design of the Disney version, it almost seems as though there is such a smooth transition between bodice and skirt, that it could even be made as one piece.
One dress.
Of course the animated version on the animated character is going to have a mathematical perfection that we cannot achieve, but I have been pondering the thought of making such a thing for the version I will wear to Dragon Con. Essentially a corset gown, just cinching enough to give a smooth line between waist and hip. The upper part would be decorated like her bodice without the super defined bottom edge of a separate corset. I love either look, but this would be a fun experement to add to (what seems to be) a growing Elsa wardrobe.


  1. It is coming along very nicely. I love those monochromatic mixtures of textures and glitter.

    1. Thank you, gorgeous ;-) I just hope I finish it in time for the Disney event on the 23rd!


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