Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dragon Con 2014: Yeah, I Should Probably Start On That

So..I might have a sheepish look on my face as I write this entry.
Yes, I am once again deviating from my historical costuming path here, to start another random costuming project...or rather; projects. Sorry folks, please bear with me as I prep for Dragon Con 2014, and all the events leading up to it, between now and mid September.
In the vein of the Star Trek Romulan Commander costume from the last BayCon I attended, I am once again veering into the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. I guess this makes me an official cosplayer now.

Here's a breakdown of what I'll be working on, in the order of which I'll be starting first:

1. 'Frozen' - burlesque/cosplay of Elsa's snow queen gown (and possibly the coronation gown and cape). I will be buying a disgusting amount of Swarovski crystals for this, mostly for the bodice and sleeves, but some for the sheer train as well.

2. 'TRON Legacy' - Siren Gem costume, complete with LE Wire and LED lighting effects.

3. Caprica Six - (Battlestar Galactica) Remake the signature red dress from a nicer red knit fabric. The first one I made is a bit too heavy and 'plastic', for lack of a better term.

4. Vintage Star Trek - Romulan Commander Charvanek costume.
While I have this done already, I might need to make repairs and find some good thigh-high black boots.
Or, make another pair of thigh-high 'spats' out of a heavier faux leather instead of matte PVC. Lesson learned last time, as I spent most of the evening constantly pulling them back up.

Still deciding on weather or not I'll have time to build one or two more costumes, but here are some hopeful candidates I've been contemplating:

5. Female Tusken Raider (Star Wars)

6. Barberella? - The silver ensemble, or the green one.

At least I don't need to worry about a wig or dying it. I get to use my own hair!

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