Monday, December 16, 2013

The Velvet Hussar: Empress Elisabeth At The Great Dickens Fair

This is somewhat of a sneak peek of the gown as it made its maiden voyage this past weekend at The Great Dickens Fair for Royals Day. While I still wish to get a few posed photos of the gown showing the full length standing, there are some lovely shots below. These were taken by Laurie Tavan (who is also one of three lovely ladies this year that play Queen Victoria) and her Husband Jeremy.
Much love and thanks to my dear friend, Laura, who assisted me as Countess Carolyn de Lamberg, lady in waiting to Empress Elisabeth. She created an amazing Miesbacher tracht (tradtional Miesbacher ensemble) to wear for the occasion.

At some point I would like to make another fuller, longer velvet skirt for this ensemble, since this one had to be made to maneuver through a crowded Dickens Fair. Larger hoops are not allowed for good reason, but I have a good sized elliptical hoop hanging in my closet that would do well.
I even have the desire to make her velvet dress with the lace jabot someday. It may have actually been what 'Sisi' was wearing underneath the coat for those photographs, which were taken in the same studio.
It might be worth it to just make that entire gown anyway, if I ever choose to work with that much velvet again.

 An audience with HRH Queen Victoria at the Adventurer's club

Mackenzie as Empress Eugiene, Laura Erlich as Countess Carolyn de Lamberg (my lady in waiting) and yours truly; Sisi.

 Leaving The Adventurer's Club

 Lovely ladies (left to right): Laura, me, Amy Lambert as Queen Victoria, Mackenzie, Laurie Tavan

We ended the day with a formal toast at the Adventurer's Club.

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