Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Brief Photo Post

I found a couple more photos of the other ensemble I made, taken by my friend RJ Johnson this past weekend at Dickens Fair.
When seeing these photos all I can say is wow, I REALLY need to put stays/boning on those side seams and front darts! The lack of time whilst also completing the Sisi velvet project played a part in that. Still, not too shabby for a somewhat rushed bodice.
I want to find a really nice silky ivory brush fringe to apply to the sleeves, just above the pleating on the cuffs, and around the shoulders going into a 'V' down the front of the bodice. Probably at the bottom edge of the bodice skirt as well.
Like I had mentioned earlier, after Fair is done Anders and I will get some nice full length photos of both outfits.

I was so sleepy that Sunday, heh!
The lovely bonnet is on loan to me from my friend Laura. I need to make a similar one for next year, I have found myself adoring the drawn bonnets of the 1850s.

 The new Dark Garden corset I'm wearing underneath also made me considerably smaller (even though it didn't feel like it!) than the one I had been using previously, and to fit this bodice on. So, the bodice fits a tad looser now, hence some of the wrinkling. The pattern I based it off of also calls for a slight amount of padding between the bust and armscye, to get that hourglass curve into the nipped waistline. Another thing I didn't have time for, but this may also help to smooth things out when I do add it.

The temp. hair color is also fading out nicely, and is even lighter now since these photos were taken. It makes me glad that this is the final weekend of Fair. Any more and it will have faded out to the point that my add-on braids of fake hair no longer match! I'm looking forward to getting back to my own blonde color.


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