Friday, December 6, 2013

One little photo...

The dress was a success, at least in its current state. Hopefully there will be more photos of it, after this Sunday at Dickens Fair. Or after the madness of the holidays is over, I can have Anders take a few shots of it outside in better light.
Here's one so far, taken of Anders, myself and our friend Todd at The Bohemian absinthe bar, and its 'not-so-great-for-photos' lighting.
I still want to add some pleated trim in the same ivory silk to the bodice, going from the upper back over the shoulder seams and down the front to a 'V'. The little poof at the shoulder seams bugs me and that should balance it out a little. I went with a double tiered skirt instead of the triple version, since it worked out better with the type of stripe the fabric has.

FYI; the odd shape of my skirt is due to the placement of my mantle (cape) resting off one shoulder.

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