Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Update On The Silk Snafu: Victory!

In a previous post, I had mentioned some strife regarding a certain purveyor of silk taffetas. They seem to be somewhat popular with part of the costuming crowd. Yet there are still a few people out there that have either given them a full thumbs down, or just been annoyed at their lack of customer service and consistency.
Example; what arrived on their doorstep was not the fabric they ordered, and a long drawn out battle ensues.

Well I'm happy to say my issue was resolved. Unfortunately I did not get any of the silk I wanted out of it, but I did finally get a refund thanks to Paypal's customer protection team.
Prepare to be gobsmacked by the following exchange between myself and the seller, when they finally did communicate with me about the issue. And this was only after Paypal jabbed them in the ribs:

- From the seller (after I had repeatedly asked for a refund they are still trying to sell me stuff):
we have a fantastic satin weave dupion in same color sending you an image would you be intrested
let me know you received image

 - My reply (I was at my wits end):

"No. That will not work. I don't want your fabric, I want my money back. You do not have what I purchased in stock, but took my money anyway.
I have sent you multiple emails and even a Paypal dispute to get a refund of my money.
I am now escalating this to a full claim via Paypal."

~Nicole *****

- From the seller (who lied and actually did accept my money via a Paypal withdrawal):
"but dear nicole
i do not have your money
paypal took it from you immediately
so how can i refund what i do not have

- My reply (I was thinking to myself; call me 'dear' again, and I will fly to India to personally rip your head off):

"You accepted the Payapal payment, and you can reverse it. It's not hard to do.
It's all there on Paypal showing that you or someone in your company completed the sale. The money is not in my bank, nor is it in my Paypal account. YOU have it and Paypal has the proof. I have now filed a claim.

After that, total radio silence for another 3 days. Paypal started bugging them and they were caught in their lie.
I imagine their paypal account had to be frozen for a few days because of it. Good.

Anyways, I received my refund finally.

If I ever do buy from them again, I'll do it via their Ebay page. That is the route I took for previous purchases, and all went smoothly because Ebay will tear you a new one if you screw over a buyer.


  1. Thank goodness that whole mess it over! Just ridiculous...
    Glad you got your money back and good luck with your projects!

  2. I should be grateful that my work internet system won't let me use their website to complete a transaction, so I've had to use ebay.

    I'm so glad you got your money back & it shouldn't have been this difficult.


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