Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Few Frou Frou Fotos

Here are a couple of shots of the new costume from the show this past Sunday night.

I want to add boning to the dress so I can wear it strapless, and I'll likely add a corset too, at some point. Yes, more rhinestones. I want the pink areas like the neckline COVERED in fuchsia Swarovski.
The buttons are nearly there, but need to have faux button holes put behind them (?).
The detachable skirt also needs one more ruffle at the bottom edge.

Many thanks to Jeff Spirer for the photos!


  1. Because there obviously weren't enough ruffles! ;) It looks fab and will certainly be even more so with all the planned additions, bravo.

    1. Thanks Loren ;-)
      Yeah, I just need the one darn ruffle! I ran out of time and it just needs to be there to fill in the remaining empty space at the hem of the skirt. It's not visible in the above photos but for a stage costume, it's distracting and unbalanced without it. Thanks to the Dickens bodice project, I probably won't get to it this week..of course, heh!


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